Mindray’s commitment to quality, innovation, and durability is the foundation upon which the inReach Refurbishment Program is built. Each Mindray certified product goes through a 12-point comprehensive refurbishment process by our trained technicians.

Certification Process

√  Thoroughly clean and disinfect outside surfaces of device

√  Clean inside for any dust or debris

√  Complete inspection and replacement of any interior missing or damaged components Inspect display

√  Replace if any area is unreadable or if display is damaged 

√  Inspect product labeling for legibility, color, and uniformity and replace as required

√  Clean and pack into factory-specified packaging

√  Recondition any other visible surface damage

√  Complete removal of any patient data and clearing of electronic memory

√  Upgrade software to latest version

√  Set and test device to factory specifications

√  Replace outside housing that has blemishes larger than ¼ inch including cracks, holes, and color non-uniformity

√  Replace all original specified accessories

inReach Refurbished Patient Monitors

inReach Refurbished Ultrasound Systems